Designing the best meeting experience for Agos

How we helped a company whose sales force traditionally engaged the partner companies, in person through face-to-face meetings.

Mago Agos

Agos is a leading consumer lending company in Italy. Agos operates on a B2C and B2B2C model which offers financial solutions to consumers through a wide network of branches and partner companies.

How it started

In 2019, Agos moved into a larger office space in Milan (Italy) and as a result of this change, they needed a smarter and immersive workplace to complement client meetings, boardroom discussions and staff operations with ease.


Tagliabue Sistemi Srl

System integrator


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Mago Room Controller

Transforming meeting rooms into smart spaces.

Use hassle-free technologies that support BYOM on any device so that the workplace becomes more dynamic in its approach to everyday tasks, meetings, and collaboration.

  • Check Implement a system for further collaboration between its growing teams and clients.

  • Check Streamline workflow and provide quick access to everyday tasks, meetings and collaboration.
Mago Room Presentation

Mago Room has simplified the meeting & joining experience.

During COVID-19, Re Mago supported Agos in the installation and configuration of Mago Room in over 110 meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

  • Check Management and Analytics helped IT to identify and anticipate unexpected meeting room failures and provide the best service to the end users.

  • Check Mago Room has simplified the meeting and joining experience, reduced time to start meetings and ghost meetings behaviours.

“Thanks to Mago Room everything is simpler and more immediate. Our users are able to present their content wirelessly, without installing any software on their devices, or present it wired with the cable and launch any video conferencing application to connect remote users.”

Giuseppe Meliota

Head of IT Smart Collaboration