Econocom Village's innovation with Mago, at a glance

Discover how we helped Econocom provide fun adaptable spaces for people to collaborate, share knowledge, and drive innovation. Econocom has relied on this same spirit of innovation internally to develop a flexible and personalised approach to their level of productivity.

Mago Econocom

Econocom is a digital general contractor (DGC). The group conceives, finances and facilitates the digital transformation of large firms and public organisations. It has 49 years’ experience and is the only market player offering versatile expertise through a combination of project financing, equipment distribution and digital services.

How it started

“The growing hybridization and smart collaboration trends, that are revolutionizing the working methods and that have always been at the heart of the Econocom Village’s design, imposed to rethink the meeting rooms with the aim to support the users’ day life and to relieve the IT department workload,” – Desirée Fiamberti, Head of Marketing and Communication, Econocom Italia.


Asystel Italia

System integrator


Digital General Contractor




Initial rooms





Providing fun adaptable spaces for people to collaborate, share knowledge, and drive innovation.

  • CheckHave a software supporting different video collaboration software/providers in a secure way & in shared spaces like meeting rooms.

  • Check Have a very easy end user experience across different technologies.

Mago Room has simplified deployment, management and usage of the meeting rooms.

From a sustainability perspective, the company will reuse about 90% of the peripheral equipment including PC, cameras, speakers and screens that supported its previous meeting room solution - meaning, a huge cost avoidance is evident because Mago doesn’t require a whole new equipment and/or training per employee saving Econocom both time and money.

  • Check The time savings created for meeting room technicians is substantial because they will spend less time monitoring equipment and troubleshooting and can therefore shift their focus instead, on core business priorities.

  • CheckMago Room Management Console takes care of the updates across many different hardware vendors and the Mago Management & analytics console provides a very granular alert system with specific events like camera problems, speakerphone problems, and account problems so our technicians can resolve them immediately.

“Our meeting room users are free to bring their own Meeting room (BYOM) experience or device (BYOD) to the meeting and wirelessly or wired present to the meeting room display their contents hassle free. This is a universal approach that makes our meetings very productive and effective.”

Desirée Fiamberti

Head of Marketing and Communication, Econocom Italia