Simplifying the workplace without changing habits

Discover how we helped Exertis empower asynchronous communication, idea sharing, co-creation and spontaneous brainstorm sessions in an engaging environment with an easy-to-use solution. All this without changing employee habits.

Mago Exertis

Exertis PROAV (Formerly Comm-tec Italia), founded in 2006 in Faenza, Italy, is an industry leading distributor of technology products and specialist services. Our customers are retailers and companies that resell technology products that people use every day in their home, office or whilst on the move.

How it started

"Too often, collaboration can become synonymous with video conferences—especially in our world of hybrid work where video meetings abound. We can get laser focused on creating meeting spaces, choosing the best virtual meeting software, making sure we have the right video conferencing equipment, looking for the most ergonomic conference room chairs, and even searching for the coolest virtual backgrounds.

However, collaboration is so much more than that daily 10am project update call. Collaboration does not just stop at picking out the right camera or adding a standalone wireless or wired presentation system. It is so vital that we design all facets of our in-person and virtual workspaces to facilitate collaboration."

- Stefano Capitani, GM at Exertis PROAV Italy



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Design all facets of in-person and virtual workspaces to facilitate collaboration.

  • Check Empower asynchronous communication, idea sharing, co-creation, spontaneous brainstorm sessions.

  • Check Create a seamlessly integrated and easy-to-use ecosystem.

  • Check Avoid changing employees habits.

Mago Room for Jupiter Pana displays, with Barco ClickShare™.

We’ve equipped our meeting rooms with the Mago Room solution on the Jupiter Pana 21:9 interactive display to create a seamlessly integrated ecosystem including Barco ClickShare™ Conference, Poly E70 and Yamaha Audio System, all proven assets in modern collaborative workspaces.

  • CheckThe Mago Room and Barco ClickShare™ integration simplifies presentation for employees and guests, both local and remote, hassle free.

“The natural integration of Mago Room with the Barco ClickShare™ System and the Jupiter Pana interactive display has not only kept our users from changing the habits acquired over time to present content but has increased the possibilities of improving the brainstorming process with the immediate and natural possibility of acquiring and annotating content presented from any device, during local brainstorming and / or with remote people, making the most of the collaboration tools integrated in the Jupiter and Mago Room systems.”

Stefano Capitani

GM, Exertis PROAV Italy