Marchesini Village's innovation with Mago, at a glance

Discover how we helped Marchesini provide fun adaptable spaces for people to collaborate, share knowledge, and drive innovation. Marchesini has relied on this same spirit of innovation internally to develop a flexible and personalised approach to their level of productivity.

Mago Marchesini

Marchesini Group spa design and produce a wide range of packaging machines and lines for the pharmaceutical industry, designed to promptly respond to any kind of request, from standard to extraordinary. Established in Pianoro (Bologna, Italy) in 1974.

How it started

Over the years, we’ve tried many collaborative tools but weren’t impressed with what we found. One worked well for internal communications, for example, but we couldn’t use it to communicate with customers. Another was great for screen sharing but had poor call quality. And most of them had issues getting hardware and software to work together.

To accommodate our needs, to interface with remote customer sites, and to address the technical limitations of various collaborative platforms, we ended up using several tools at once. Internal and external users were not only confused but uncomfortable using competing solutions. You didn’t know for sure whether or not the party at the other end could receive your call using the same platform you were using. You booked a conference room, but the camera and the speakerphone were disconnected, or you didn’t have a screen-sharing app on your computer. As a result, many of our meetings were not on time and some didn’t happen at all.



System integrator





Try & Buy

Initial approach





Findind a comprehensive solution for all the meeting rooms.

Rather than continue to use products from several vendors, we needed to find a comprehensive solution that did everything we needed it to do. I wanted everyone at Marchesini Group Spa on the same page and I wanted to standardize our communication—but I needed more than consistency. I was looking for a product that was as easy to use as walking into a conference room and sitting down for a face-to-face meeting.

  • Check The problem with most meeting room’s technologies and remote collaboration tools is that they get in the way of what they’re trying to do.

  • Check They are hard to set up and use, multiple tools and software not seamlessly integrated, and lack sufficient screen- and file-sharing features.

Mago Room has simplified deployment, management and usage of the meeting rooms.

Re Mago made it easy to explore our options. Their Try & Buy approach through certified partners allowed us to sample a range of products and to right size a solution that satisfied our business needs offering a simple approach for every users and not only to power users.

  • Check Mago combines intuitive software UI/UX with Multi-VC support in a single vendor solution that streamlines our internal meetings. But it also allows us to meet our clients on their terms.

  • CheckWithin a few seconds, they can connect to Mago on whatever device they’re using. There's no need to download drivers or connect dongle, just download Mago app and they don’t have to set up a Mago account. It’s all done on a secure connection over the web, supporting multi-factor authentication.

“One of my favorite Mago feature is the desktop and mobile app QR code proximity join. It allows people to easily book a room by scanning QR code and proximity transfer their own personal agenda including video conferencing meeting links for one-tap to join experience and cloud drive file access, in a secure, immediate and reliable way.”

Fabio Accorsi

IT Smart Collaboration Lead, Marchesini Group Spa