Mago Black Booth at INFOCOMM2023 with partners displays and three sections for Unified Communication , Visual Collaboration and Engaging Presentation.
JUNE 16-20, 2023

InfoComm 2023: For the first time with a dedicated booth

Mago made its debut appearance at InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, Florida, showcasing its software at a dedicated booth for the first time.

The booth, labeled #4789, was exclusively designed to underscore the potential of the Unified Communication, Presentation, and Visual Collaboration Experience through Mago Software. This milestone was made possible with the support of esteemed partners, including Newline, Maxhub, Jabra, Funtech Innex, Jupiter System, and Yealink.

In the Unified Communication Area, visitors witnessed the impressive synergy between Mago and Yealink's MeetingBoard, complemented by Funtech Innex Cube. Together, they enhanced the videoconferencing experience with a high-quality camera and an interactive display, facilitating seamless meetings whether conducted remotely or in person.

The Visual Collaboration Area featured a winning solution for real-time collaboration using Jabra's Panacast50 and Jupiter Systems Pana 81. Leveraging the engaging features of Mago Workspace, participants were able to capture 2D/3D objects from reality and share them in real-time, create sketches and notes, digitize documents, and collaborate directly on an infinite and secure canvas thanks to the amazing performances of the interactive display 21:9.

In the Shared Space Area, the introduction of the new era of hybrid work was made possible through Maxhub and Newline Flex. The personal Room solution and interactive display showcased the seamless integration of Mago with these cutting-edge devices, unlocking limitless possibilities for teams engaged in hybrid work not only in large meeting rooms but also in small personal offices or phonebooths.

The entire week was marked by a series of engaging demos, networking opportunities, and giveaways, creating a memorable and immersive event.

Mago's experience culminated in winning the prestigious "Coolest Collaboration Software" award presented by RAVe [PUBS]

People at Mago Booth during demos
People talking with the Mago Team. In the background the three areas with partners' displays
Cristiano Fumagalli showcasing Mago whiteboard features
InfoComm venue with all booths. View from above
Mago showcased on Yealink Meeting Board 65"
Mago Team talking with people at the booth. In the background the three sections with partners' displays
Close up on the Unified Communication Area with the Yealink Meeting Board 65". People in video conference on the screen
Cristiano Fumagalli and Steve Pimentel at Yealink booth
Mago Room showcased on the Meeting board at the Yealink booth
Group photo of the Mago Team
Close up on the Share Space area with MAXHUB display and Newline Flex
Cristiano Fumagalli doing demos
People attending Mago Room demo
Close up on the Visual Collaboration Area with Jupiter system Pana 21:9
The winner the first draw
The winner of the second draw
The winner of the third draw