Building of ISE2024

ISE 2024: Mago attended booths hosted by Jabra, Jupiter Systems, Huawei, and FunTech Innovation Innex.

Four days packed with engaging appointments and thrilling demos showcased the latest advancements in Mago Room and Mago Room Essential at the booths of longstanding partners like Jabra, Jupiter Systems, Huawei, and FunTech Innovation.

During the event, Mago unveiled the newest features of its Mago Workspace App, seamlessly integrated into its main product offering: Mago Room and Mago Room Essential. These solutions promise a more immersive visual collaboration experience, transcending the boundaries of traditional whiteboard spaces. Leveraging augmented reality, 2D-3D digital scanning of documents and objects, and secure, rapid file sharing, together with wireless and wired presentation experience, Mago aims to ensure that all participants are equally immersed and engaged.

Attendees participated in captivating demos at the various booths: Jupiter Systems and FunTech booth showcased both Mago Room Essential and Mago Room.

  • Watch the Mago Room Essential demo at the Jupiter Systems booth on the Jupiter Pana105XTf display: Click Here.

  • Watch the Mago Room demo at the FunTech Innovation booth on the InnexMeetingHub-CM Series display: Click Here.

Meanwhile, at Huawei's booth, Mago's software debuted without its usual white-label solution, showcased on IdeaHub B2 displays.

The seamless integration of Mago Room Essential with Jabra PanaCast 50 VBS was announced at the Jabra booth, accompanied by an impressive demo and interview by The Rave Agency.

  • Watch the Mago Room Essential demo at the Jabra booth with Jabra PanaCast 50VBS: Click Here.

Cristiano Fumagalli doing a demo of Mago Room on FunTech InnexMeetingHub - CM Series
Cristiano Fumagalli showcasing Mago Room Essential IoT Device
Mago Room Essential showcased at Jabra Booth with Jabra PanaCast 50 VBS
Mago Room Essential showcased with MTR and Jabra PanaCast 50 VBS
Mago Room showcased on IdeaHub B2
Close up on Mago Room Essential
Sign of ISE2024 at the event entrance
Lateral view of ISE2024 building
Mago Room showcased on Jupiter Pana 105xtf
Person using Mago whiteboard
group photo
Mago and Mago Room Essential showcased on two display at Huawei booth
Mago Room Showcased on  InnexMeetingHub - CM Series
Mago website showcased on Jupiter display
Close up on Mago Room showcasing scheduled meetings