Mago Room Essential showcased at the DTEN booth on Me Pro 27" and D7X 55" displays
FEBRUARY 22, 2024

Mago at Universal AV Services Ltd Technology Event

Mago recently took part in the Universal AV Services Ltd technology event in Leeds.

We were guests at the DTEN booth to showcase the seamless integration of Mago Room Essential, our add-on software solution, pre-installed on an IoT device, and designed for wireless content presentation and visual collaboration. Partnered with the impressive DTEN Me Pro 27" and D7X 55" displays, we demonstrated how Mago Room Essential enhances the modern working environment.

The event aimed to highlight the latest solutions that streamline and elevate collaboration, with a particular focus on Mago Room Essential. With MRE, collaboration becomes inclusive and engaging, whether on interactive or passive displays, thanks to the Mago Workspace App.

Moreover, MRE seamlessly integrates with the room's MTR system, allowing users to harness the full potential of premium collaboration while maintaining just a single base license. Simply by scanning a QR code, users can take control of their presentation from their portable device, open interactive whiteboards, and unlock all the features they need for a truly immersive experience.

Close up Mago Room Essential UI on DTEN 27" Display
Mago Room Essential showcased on D7X 55"Display
Mago Room Essential with Mago Room Essential Roll up