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NOVEMBER 15, 2023

Huawei Connect 2023 Paris Event: IdeaHubRoom with EAVS Group

Mago remains dedicated to forging a sustainable and technologically advanced future.

Making its debut at the Huawei Connect 2023 event in Paris alongside the EAVS Group, Mago participated for the first time. This annual event in the French capital offers valuable insights into how small and medium-sized enterprises can integrate digitalization and sustainability, emphasizing renewable energy, digital solutions, and AI innovations.

At the event, Mago showcased its white-label solution, IdeaHubRoom, paired with the IdeaHub S2 displays. Positioned as a leader in driving innovation within the ICT sector, Mago continues to contribute to a world that is both greener and more digitally connected.

Huawei Staff member speaking about IdeaHub partner
Display showcasing Huawei IdeaHub Content with IdeaHub Room roll-up
Close up of IdeaHub Room Software IU shocased on IdeaHub S2