Cristiano Fumagalli and Chris Godsalve at Yealink booth holding hands
SEPTEMBER 13, 2023

TechXPO 2023: The ultimate UK tech event of the year

Teaming up with Yealink and its Meeting Board 65”, Mago was featured at the English Tech Xpo 2023 held at Ascot Racecourse.

This annual event showcases the latest groundbreaking technologies, offers interactive demonstrations, and provides an opportunity for attendees to connect with industry leaders and tech enthusiasts from across the country.

During the two immersive days, the Mago Collaboration Board, an all-in-one solution for the meeting experience, took center stage. Engaging demonstrations showcased attendees how the Mago software has the potential to revolutionize collaboration, both in face-to-face and remotely.

People using Mago whiteboard
People visiting Yealink booth with Meeting Board 65" on the background
Tech XPO Event Venue
Chris Godslave talking with people. In the background Mago Collaboration Board