Mago Workspace: whiteboard showcasing 3D skull model and side-by-side video conference
AUGUST 23, 2023

TechShowcase at Keele University: The revolution of healthcare collaboration with ISDN Ltd

Mago was featured at the TechShowcase event, hosted by ISDN Ltd at Keele University, where the groundbreaking innovation for the field of medicine was showcased for the first time.

This occasion provided a significant opportunity to contribute to the growth and innovation in sectors such as healthcare, introducing new features of Mago Workspace alongside the Yealink 65” Meeting Board.

Mago has transformed what once appeared as a distant concept into reality, including:

  • Facilitating remote sharing and analysis of medical result files with other professionals in the medical field,

  • Improving diagnoses through 3D scanning with mixed reality,

  • Ensuring the privacy and data security of information with a private cloud.

This advancement set the beginning of the realms of healthcare collaboration.

Click here to watch the full demo.

Heart and skull anatomical models on the table with a tablet on the side
Mago showcased on the Meeting Board 65"