Yealink's booth with Mago showcased on the Meeeting Board 65"
OCTOBER 4-5, 2023

UC Expo Europe 2023: Mago Collaboration Board with Yealink

Mago made its first appearance at UC Expo Europe 2023 in London, unveiling the collaborative prowess of the Mago Collaboration Board in partnership with Yealink.

Over two days filled with demonstrations and interactive sessions, the Mago team elevated the meeting experience to new heights, showcasing its capabilities with the Yealink Meeting Board 65”.

Mago Room, featured on interactive displays, stood as the exclusive platform for unified communication and visual collaboration. With support for over 20 video conferencing systems, it allowed for instant room connection through QR code scanning and synchronization with personal calendars. This platform facilitated engaging file presentations directly from personal drives and enabled borderless visual collaboration through the Mago Workspace app.

Moreover, thanks to the innovative companion app, it offered the unique ability to scan 2D/3D objects and documents in real-time, annotate, and collaborate on the same project, all in real-time on an unparalleled digital whiteboard.

People at the booth. On the left Mago Room showcased on the Yealink Meeting Board
People using Mago Room. On the right person is pressing on the videocall button
Close up of the Meeting Board 65" with Mago Room running
Yealink and its booth
UCX yellow and black sign