Mago and Huawei at LEAP2024 Saudi Arabia


Mago, a leading provider of innovative software solutions, participated in LEAP2024 in Riyadh alongside technology giant Huawei. As one of the largest and most influential technology events in the Middle East, LEAP2024 serves as a global platform for tech innovators and leaders to showcase groundbreaking advancements and explore the future of technology.

At Huawei's booth, Mago demonstrated the powerful capabilities of its software on the Ideahub B3, highlighting the seamless integration between Mago's software and Huawei's cutting-edge hardware. Mago's software enhances visual collaboration through augmented reality, 2D-3D digital scanning, and secure, rapid file sharing, creating a superior collaborative experience.

This participation underscored Mago and Huawei's commitment to innovation and delivering top-tier solutions to their customers. The event provided an excellent opportunity to engage with industry leaders, potential clients, and partners, further solidifying their positions as pioneers in the technology sector.

Watch our B3 full review and our software preview on it.

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